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I have lived in Chicago for a long time and have come to appreciate the right of riders to enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes from riding a motorcycle. It pains me as an injury lawyer to see so many cases related to motorcycle injuries that could have been prevented somehow. Most motorcycle accidents are the fault of a negligent driver, despite the belief that motorcyclists are more aggressive and reckless than motorists who do not ride a motorcycle. Faulty equipment can also contribute to accidents and the parties responsible for an accident that leaves a motorcyclist injured should be held accountable.

I am Jonathan Rosenfeld and I founded Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to protect the rights of motorcycle owners who have suffered injuries because of the negligent acts of other people. I have assembled a team of lawyers that are all committed to the same cause— collecting the most damages possible under law for our clients who have been injured and sustained injuries that have prevented them from going to work, left them with large medical bills and been the source of pain and suffering. Our goal is always to represent the best interests of our clients and treat them with the respect that we would expect from others.

A Process Put In Place To Help Injured Riders & Their Family

Our process will begin the moment you retain our services. We will get to work immediately on investigating your case in order to understand the cause of your injuries and to reconstruct what happened at the scene of the accident. Our team of investigators may be able to secure physical evidence that will help your case such as photographs of the crash scene, your bike and other debris from the crash that will allow us to recreate what happened and convince a jury if the matter goes to court.

We have strong relationships with established experts in the field who can establish who is at fault and accurately estimate the amount of damages owed to the victim. This network includes experts in the areas of accident reconstruction, medicine, neuropsychology and economics. Their expertise allows us to care for our clients’ every need and pursue the maximum amount in damages that the law will allow.

A Trusted Law Firm with a Proven Track Record

No two motorcycle injury cases are the same and your case will deserve special care and attention. The facts of the case, type of injuries you have sustained and the insurance companies involved will all influence your case and how we will need to proceed. These types of cases can be unpredictable at times, but you can be assured that you will have an advocate who is experienced, knowledgeable and determined to represent your best interests on your side. Our team of Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers has collected damages on behalf of hundreds of different clients— all with unique circumstances— and we have successfully negotiated settlements, taken matters to arbitration and even won damages by going to court when necessary.

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Here For You

If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident in Chicago or any location throughout Illinois, I would like to invite you to schedule a free consultation with the Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys here at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers. We are dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of every single one of our clients and will keep all of the information that you give us in confidence. Since we work on a contingency basis, you do not need to worry about paying us for our services unless we win your case or negotiate a settlement on your behalf. We have offices throughout Illinois, but in the event that you are not within reach of us, we will come to you in order to sit down and review your case.

Set up your free consultation today and let’s begin the healing process by collecting the damages that you require to be able to move on after your accident.

Types of Motorcycle Injuries

In order for an injured cyclist to recover damages for their injuries, it is important to determine who the responsible parties may be. Common accidents in Chicago motorcycle injury cases include:

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

In order for an injured cyclist to recover damages for their injuries, it is important to determine who the responsible parties may be. Common accidents in Chicago motorcycle injury cases include:

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