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New Motorcycle Brake Lights Seek To Improve Visibility and Reduce Accidents

Filed under: Chicago Motorcycle News

 company named Vectolabs, LLC is currently trying to fund the launch of their brake light system (patent-pending). According to the company, this new brake light has the chance to change the way we use brake lights forever. Their company engineers have named the idea the Adaptive Perceptible Deceleration Indicator, designed to enhance visibility in an attempt to decrease the chances …
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Novelty Motorcycle Helmets: Looks Over Safety

Filed under: Brain Injury

Even though they may certainly look stylish and cool, novelty helmets represent a paradox. Even though they may look great and spectacular, they do not necessarily provide the safety that a motorcyclist would get from a traditional helmet. Even though they add an interesting look, they do not provide adequate protection to guard the motorcyclist’s head in the event of …
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Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding: Tips For You & Your Bike

Filed under: Chicago Motorcycle News

Riding a motorcycle is always going to be brisk, it is the reason that you see motorcyclists bundled up when most automobile drivers are rolling down their window to let the heat out. If you want to make your cold weather ride enjoyable, you need to be comfortable. In order to be comfortable during cold weather conditions, it means staying
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Helping Less Experienced Riders Keep Up With The Group

Filed under: Motorcycle Accident

When riding with others, there is always a chance that you ride with someone who has less experience. These may be considered the ‘slow rider’ in the group, mainly because they are less comfortable than the more experienced riders are. This can be a continual problem, especially with more and more people getting into motorcycling.
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Understanding Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Filed under: Uncategorized

There is no worse feeling for someone involved in an accident than finding out that the insurance policy that they thought they had does not cover everything. Every state is different when it comes to motorcycle insurance laws. However, every state does require Property Damage coverages and minimum Bodily Injury Liability. The typical insurance coverage is structured in such a …
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Keeping Safe In The Summer For Motorcyclists

Filed under: Motorcycle Training

When driving a motorcycle on a hot summer’s day, it can make the rider feel as though they are stuck in a moving convection oven. The heat comes with its own set of challenges. By adjusting a little and considering a few different factors, it is possible for motorcyclists to enjoy even the warmest of days.

Making sure that you

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